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Madagascar : Madagascar parliament votes to impeach president
on 2015/5/27 19:00:30

Madagascar’s parliament voted overwhelmingly on Tuesday to dismiss the president, Hery Rajaonarimanpianina, for alleged constitutional violations and general incompetence. Click to see original Image in a new window

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Madagascar : Southern Madagascar faces food shortage amid drought
on 2015/3/11 20:02:43

Click to see original Image in a new windowA drought has ravaged villages across the southern part of Madagascar, the world’s fourth biggest island, leaving its people hungry and its children with less physical reserves dying.

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Madagascar : Madagascar officials raise bubonic plague death toll to 47
on 2014/11/25 20:32:39

Click to see original Image in a new windowMalagasy officials have raised the death toll from a recent bubonic plague outbreak to 47 as the bacterial disease spreads through the country.

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Madagascar : Madagascar mob lynches Europeans for organ harvesting
on 2013/10/5 10:55:28

Click to see original Image in a new windowAn angry mob in Madagascar has lynched two European men and a local fellow, who are suspected of murdering a child to harvest his organs, authorities say.

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Madagascar : Suspected bomb-maker killed in Madagascar blast: police
on 2013/9/17 18:36:45

A suspected bomb-maker was killed in Madagascar's capital Antananarivo on Monday when an explosive device he is believed to have been building blew up prematurely, police said.

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Madagascar : Madagascar court cancels controversial candidacies
on 2013/8/18 19:15:35

Madagascar's Special Electoral Court (CES) late Saturday cancelled eight candidacies including those of the three controversial contenders to run in this year's presidential elections.

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Madagascar : Madagascar's controversial candidates urged to quit by July 31
on 2013/7/15 16:35:58

The International Contact Group has urged three Madagascar's controversial candidates to withdraw from the presidential race by July 31.

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Madagascar : France suspends visas of Madagascan candidates amid election dispute
on 2013/6/11 18:40:15

France has suspended the visas of Madagascar's three leading presidential candidates, including transition President Andry Rajoelina, amid the election dispute.

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Madagascar : Madagascar ships its first refined nickel
on 2012/11/13 19:00:51

Madagascar shipped its first refined nickel last week, a statement from the company explorer of cobalt and nickel in the country said on Monday.

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Madagascar : Three Chinese decorated by Madagascar for promoting relationship between two countries
on 2012/11/7 18:36:49

Three Chinese people were decorated by the Malagasy government on Tuesday for promoting relationship between China and Madagascar.

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Madagascar : Madagascar: 67 alleged cattle rustlers killed
on 2012/9/4 18:35:56

ANTANANARIVO, Madagascar (AP) — Madagascar's police chief says villagers attacked by cattle rustlers turned on the alleged thieves and killed 67 of them.

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Madagascar : Nine killed in Madagascar in clashes over cattle theft
on 2012/9/3 15:21:30

Nine people were killed as police and gendarmes intervened after a gang of armed cattle thieves seized a thousand cattle in southern Madagascar, the gendarmerie said Sunday.

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Madagascar : SADC officials meet Madagascan political parties
on 2012/8/11 13:37:13

Senior regional officials seeking to end a three year crisis in Madagascar flew in on Friday to meet political parties after talks between the country's rival leaders ended in deadlock.

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Madagascar : Madagascar rival leaders to meet again Wednesday: sources
on 2012/8/6 18:41:32

Madagascan leader Andry Rajoelina and the man he toppled in 2009, rival Marc Ravalomanana, will hold their second talks in two weeks on Wednesday to end a bitter deadlock, sources said Sunday.

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Madagascar : Six still held over Madagascar mutiny: police chief
on 2012/8/5 16:47:00

Six people remained in custody in Madagascar at a pre-trial hearing Saturday after an army mutiny two weeks ago at a military base that left three dead, the police chief said.

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Madagascar : Madagascar sets presidential vote for May 8
on 2012/8/2 21:17:47

Madagascar will hold a much-delayed presidential election in May, a key step in ending a protracted crisis sparked by a coup in 2009, the electoral commission announced Wednesday.

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Madagascar : Regional bloc scolds Madagascar ex-leader's wife
on 2012/8/1 13:30:58

The Southern African Development Community on Tuesday condemned the failed bid by former Madagascan president Marc Ravalomanana's wife to return home while peace talks were in progress.

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Madagascar : Madagascar's leader and deposed rival prepare for talks
on 2012/7/25 14:00:00

Madagascar's deposed ex-president Marc Ravalomanana and current leader and rival Andry Rajoelina met briefly on the Seychelles, government sources said Tuesday, on the eve of landmark talks.

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Madagascar : Madagascar strongman arrives for talks despite mutiny
on 2012/7/24 16:20:00

Madagascan President Andry Rajoelina arrived on a remote Seychelles island Monday ahead of a meeting with the man he ousted in 2009, at crunch talks brokered by the regional bloc.

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Madagascar : Madagascar mutiny under control, says army
on 2012/7/23 13:40:00

Madagascar's army said Sunday it had put down a mutiny in a military camp Sunday, after clashes in which at least three people were killed.

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