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Senegal : Senegal defends UNSC vote on halting Israeli settlement
on 2016/12/27 19:11:51

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Senegal has defended its recent UNSC vote to halt Israel’s illegal settlement activities on Palestinian territories, after Tel Aviv recalls its ambassador to Dakar.

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Senegal : 'World without Violence' Forums Planned in Senegal
on 2016/5/8 18:47:23

Click to see original Image in a new windowThe Iranian Cultural Center in Senegal plans to hold a series of forums on “the world without violence” on May 14 and 15 in the African country.

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Senegal : ECOWAS summit kicks off in Dakar, Senegal
on 2015/9/13 20:37:11

Click to see original Image in a new windowAn extraordinary summit bringing together heads of state and government of West African nations has kicked off in the Senegalese capital of Dakar.

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Senegal : Senegal's Toure: firm hand at head of government
on 2013/9/3 19:24:28

Aminata Toure, a rights activist who was named Senegal's new prime minister Sunday, is known for her toughness and crackdowns on high-level corruption that have even targeted her ex-husband.

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Senegal : French citizen, three others killed in southern Senegal clashes
on 2013/2/3 19:50:35

Four people, including a French citizen, have been killed during clashes between suspected separatist rebels and security forces in southern Senegal, army sources say.

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Senegal : Senegal gov't adopts law to try ex-Chad dictator
on 2012/12/20 19:28:19

Senegal's national assembly adopted a much-anticipated law on Wednesday which creates a special tribunal to try ex-Chadian dictator Hissene Habre, the first step in ending 22 years of impunity that began when the deposed former president fled to Senegal, leaving behind a country strewn with mass graves.

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Senegal : Senegal's ex-minister summoned by police over illegal wealth
on 2012/11/10 18:28:18

Former Senegalese minister Karim Wade, who is son to ex-president Abdoulaye Wade, is ordered to appear before the department of the Senegalese gendarmerie on Nov. 15 over suspicion of illegal wealth acquisition.

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Senegal : Senegal journalist sentenced to 4 years in prison
on 2012/10/25 12:44:25

A judge sentences a well-known Senegalese journalist to four years in prison for acts of homosexuality, illegal possession of arms and battery.

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Senegal : Senegalese mark 10 years since their "Titanic"
on 2012/9/29 19:20:00

DAKAR, Senegal (AP) — Ten years after one of the worst maritime disasters in history, a handful of survivors gathered in Senegal on Wednesday to pay homage to the victims of the Joola, a Senegalese ferry that sank off the coast of Gambia, killing 1,863 people.

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Senegal : World Bank to help Senegal probe for ill-gotten gains
on 2012/8/26 17:15:52

The World Bank has signed on to help Senegal recover ill-gotten gains, as the country's new government questions members of the former regime for fraud, an official at the lender said Saturday.

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Senegal : Seven dead as heavy rain fells walls in Senegal
on 2012/8/15 15:13:44

Seven people including a baby died early Tuesday as heavy rains pounded the Senegalese capital Dakar, causing partial home collapses, the national fire brigade said.

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Senegal : Clinton starts Africa swing in Senegal
on 2012/8/1 13:34:36

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton arrived in Senegal's capital Dakar late Tuesday at the start of a six-nation, 11-day trip to Africa due to focus on regional peace and security.

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Senegal : Senegal's Niasse elected parliament speaker
on 2012/7/31 13:29:57

Former Senegalese prime minister Moustapha Niasse was on Monday elected president of the national assembly following legislative elections on July 1.

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Senegal : AU, Senegal agree on special court to try Habre
on 2012/7/25 14:10:00

Representatives from the African Union and Senegal have proposed the formation of a special court in Senegal to try ex-Chadian dictator Hissene Habre, accused of war crimes.

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Senegal : Senegal police again quiz ex-president's son
on 2012/7/6 15:51:48

Senegalese police again questioned the son and ex-minister of former president Abdoulaye Wade on Thursday as part of a probe into the old regime, local media and sources said.

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Senegal : Senegal presidential camp wins majority in legislative poll
on 2012/7/5 18:42:41

Senegalese President Macky Sall's coalition won a landslide majority in legislative polls, swooping up 119 of 150 seats in the national assembly, according to official results published Wednesday.

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Senegal : Son of Senegal's ex-president questioned by police
on 2012/7/4 15:15:35

Police on Tuesday questioned the controversial former 'super minister' and son of ex-president Abdoulaye Wade as part of an audit into management by the former regime, sources said.

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Senegal : Senegalese rebel 'to free soldiers if demands met'
on 2012/7/4 14:57:01

The most radical chief of southern Senegal's separatist rebels said he would free soldier hostages if the government agrees to negotiate "outside of Africa", in a radio interview aired Tuesday.

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Senegal : Senegal's president set for parliamentary majority
on 2012/7/3 15:20:11

Senegal's presidential coalition looked headed for a sweeping victory in legislative elections which were marked by a low turnout, unofficial results showed on Monday.

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Senegal : President seeks majority as Senegal elects new lawmakers
on 2012/7/2 13:57:36

Senegal voted for a new parliament Sunday with President Macky Sall seeking a majority to put his policies into action after ousting veteran leader Abdoulaye Wade in a March poll.

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