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Tanzania : Opposition MP shot, wounded in Tanzania: Party
on 2017/9/10 16:52:39

Click to see original Image in a new windowTanzanian opposition lawmaker Tundu Lissu, a fierce critic of President John Magufuli's government, was shot and wounded by unknown assailants at his residence in the administrative capital Dodoma on Thursday, his party said.

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Tanzania : Five Tanzanian miners rescued after 41 days trapped underground
on 2015/11/18 20:37:11

Click to see original Image in a new windowTanzania says rescue workers have miraculously saved the lives of five miners who spent 41 days trapped at a tool store in a gold mine deep underground.

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Tanzania : Opposition Supporters Make Spirited Effort to Support Presidential Hopeful Lowassa
on 2015/10/26 4:50:00

Chadema opposition party supporters were out in full force under the blazing heat on the last campaign day before voters go to the polls on Sunday in what has been termed as the tightest presidential race in Tanzania's history.

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Tanzania : Poachers kill 14 elephants in Zimbabwe with cyanide
on 2015/10/7 20:47:22

Click to see original Image in a new windowPoachers in Zimbabwe’s northern and western national park have poisoned to death 14 elephants by cyanide.

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Tanzania : Cholera kills dozens of Burundian refugees in Tanzania
on 2015/5/23 19:29:20

Thirty-one people, mostly Burundian refugees, have lost their lives to cholera outbreak in Tanzania since last week, the UN says.Click to see original Image in a new window

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Tanzania : Tanzania expels up to 30,000 Burundians over one month, UNHCR says
on 2013/9/14 20:33:51

The United Nations refugee agency says thousands of Burundians living in neighboring Tanzania have been forced out from the country over the past 30 days.

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Tanzania : Tanzania to investigate killing of 7 peacekeepers in Sudan
on 2013/7/15 16:34:13

The Tanzania People's Defense Forces (TPDF) on Sunday announced the appointment of a team of experts to investigate the killing of seven Tanzanian soldiers on a peacekeeping mission in Sudan's Darfur region.

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Tanzania : 5 killed in Tanzania tanzanite mine collapse
on 2013/7/8 20:36:03

At least five people were killed and one severely injured in a tanzanite mine collapse in northern Tanzania, police said on Sunday.

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Tanzania : Tanzania offers reward for Arusha bomb blasts case
on 2013/6/18 19:48:27

Tanzania has allocated 100 million Tanzanian shillings (62,500 U.S. dollars) as cash reward for all whistle blowers who provide helpful information that will facilitate arrest of the perpetrators of Saturday's Arusha bombing.

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Tanzania : Three feared dead in Arusha's political rally bomb blast
on 2013/6/16 19:09:39

Three people feared dead and more than 70 injured on Saturday in a bomb explosion which hit a fully-packed political party rally in Tanzania's northern safari capital of Arusha.

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Tanzania : Tanzania says Congo’s M23 rebels threaten to kill its troops
on 2013/5/5 19:42:44

The March 23 movement (M23) rebels have told Tanzania that they will attack and kill its troops if they join a UN mission aimed at neutralizing armed groups in the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo, Tanzanian Foreign Minister Bernard Membe says.

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Tanzania : Tanzania gov't kicking Maasai off land
on 2013/4/5 23:22:08

Activists say Tanzania's government is preparing to kick Maasai tribesmen off their land near the country's most famous wildlife park to allow a company from the United Arab Emirates to use the land for hunting.

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Tanzania : Death toll at 18 in Tanzania building collapse
on 2013/3/30 20:50:00

At least 18 people were killed when a building collapsed Friday in the Tanzania's largest city, Dar es Salaam, police said Saturday, as hopes dimmed of rescuing more survivors.

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Tanzania : Tanzania police: 2 dead after building collapse
on 2013/3/30 20:47:18

A Tanzanian police official says two people have died after a building under construction collapsed in the country's largest city and economic center.

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Tanzania : Tanzania to open Kiswahili teaching offices in foreign countries
on 2012/11/7 18:39:24

The Tanzanian government will establish offices in foreign countries for the teaching of Kiswahili, a senior official said Tuesday.

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Tanzania : Tanzania set to build ultra-modern African Court in Arusha
on 2012/10/30 16:36:12

Tanzania has expressed its intention to build an ultra-modern and purpose-built structure for the African Court on Human and Peoples' Rights in Arusha, the northern safari capital, that will reflect justice for the whole of Africa.

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Tanzania : Report: Reporter dies in spat with Tanzania police
on 2012/9/4 18:32:40

JOHANNESBURG (AP) — The Media Institute of Southern Africa says a prominent journalist has been killed in a confrontation with Tanzanian police who were clashing with rallying supporters of the country's biggest opposition party.

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Tanzania : No 'quick fix' in Lake Malawi border dispute: Tanzania
on 2012/8/26 17:17:17

Tanzanian Foreign Minister Bernard Membe on Saturday ruled out any "quick fix" in negotiations over a border dispute with Malawi.

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Tanzania : Zanzibar ferry deaths rise to 78, minister quits
on 2012/7/24 16:20:00

Zanzibari authorities said Monday the number of bodies recovered after a ferry sank last week had risen to 78, with at least 66 others still missing, as a minister resigned over the tragedy.

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Tanzania : Zanzibar: 43 alleged Islamist separatists arrested
on 2012/7/23 13:30:00

ZANZIBAR, Tanzania (AP) — Police say they have arrested 43 suspected members of an Islamist group seeking greater independence for the country's Zanzibar archipelago.

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