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Zimbabwe : Zimbabwe slams 'traitorous' statement against Mugabe
on 2016/7/25 20:27:38

Click to see original Image in a new windowThe government of Zimbabwe has lashed out at an anonymous group of war veterans for their open criticism of President Robert Mugabe, saying authors of the controversial communiqué will not go unpunished.

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Zimbabwe : Africa nations want permanent Security Council seats
on 2016/1/31 20:34:37

Click to see original Image in a new windowThe African Union (AU) has threatened to withdraw from the United Nations if the world body fails to allocate at least two permanent seats at the Security Council to the African nations, Press TV reports

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Zimbabwe : Mugabe gives wife top position in ruling party
on 2014/12/7 20:35:28

Click to see original Image in a new windowZimbabwe’s President Robert Mugabe has promoted his wife to a top position in his ZANU-PF party, a move that gives her a seat on the ruling party’s top decision-making body.

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Zimbabwe : Mugabe alleges VP-US plot to remove him
on 2014/12/7 20:33:48

Click to see original Image in a new windowZimbabwean President Robert Mugabe has accused his vice president of colluding with the US embassy in the country in an assassination plot against the nation’s top leader.

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Zimbabwe : West's hunger for domination insatiable, says Mugabe
on 2013/9/27 14:38:44

Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe says the West’s hunger for domination of other nations is insatiable, adding the US, Britain and their allies are using sanctions against Harare as a "foreign-policy tool to effect regime change.”

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Zimbabwe : Mugabe seeks peace with 'arrogant' West after disputed elections
on 2013/9/18 19:36:49

Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe said on Tuesday he was ready to re-establish normal relations with the "arrogant" Western countries

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Zimbabwe : Mugabe vows to press ahead with empowerment program
on 2013/9/18 18:48:57

Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe says his government will continue to press foreign firms to surrender the majority of their shares to local partners.

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Zimbabwe : Mugabe, 89, sworn in for five more years as Zimbabwe's president
on 2013/8/22 22:09:23

Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe, Africa's oldest leader at 89, was sworn in on Thursday for a new five-year term in the face of criticism from opponents and the West that his re-election in a July vote was not credible.

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Zimbabwe : Britain says Zimbabwe vote not credible as Mugabe is sworn in
on 2013/8/22 22:06:17

Britain said on Thursday that the re-election of Zimbabwe's President Robert Mugabe could not be deemed credible without an independent investigation into allegations of voting irregularities.

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Zimbabwe : Key dates in Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe's life
on 2013/8/4 18:39:50

Zimbabwe's incumbent president Robert Mugabe, 89, was re-elected president for sixth term since 1987, beating his long-time rival Morgan Tsvangirai in polls with big margins. Here are the key dates in Mugabe's life.

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Zimbabwe : Mugabe wins Zimbabwe presidential election
on 2013/8/4 18:38:17

Zimbabwe's incumbent president Robert Mugabe, 89, won the presidential race Saturday for the sixth time, extending his 33-year rule of the country since its independence in 1980.

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Zimbabwe : Mugabe party secures majority seats in Zimbabwe parliament
on 2013/8/4 18:37:21

Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe's party has secured more than two thirds of seats in the parliament, the country's electoral body said Saturday, giving the party power to effectively decide on major state affairs.

Zimbabwe : Zimbabwe press authorities: new private TV "pirate station"
on 2013/7/20 19:40:18

Plans to launch a private television station via a South African parastatal in Zimbabwe have been met with resistance from the government's press authorities, which on Friday said it is a "pirate station".

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Zimbabwe : S. Africa, EU want Zimbabwean elections to reflect people's will
on 2013/7/20 19:39:05

South Africa and the European Union (EU) said on Friday that the outcome of the upcoming elections in Zimbabwe should "clearly reflects the will of the people of Zimbabwe."

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Zimbabwe : Zimbabwe: Monitors foresee more polling chaos
on 2013/7/18 19:29:08

An independent Zimbabwe election monitoring group said Wednesday many of the nation's 6.2 million voters will not be likely to cast their ballots if elections are not delayed.

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Zimbabwe : Zimbabwean police cast ballots in early voting
on 2013/7/14 18:59:02

Tens of thousands of police and polling officials in Zimbabwe on Sunday began to cast their ballots in a two-day early voting prior to the July 31 general elections as they will be busy on duty by then.

Zimbabwe : Zimbabwe vows early poll result announcement
on 2013/7/14 18:53:18

Zimbabwe's electoral commission has pledged to announce the result of the upcoming presidential election within five days.

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Zimbabwe : Zimbabwe's opposition parties form coalition to challenge Mugabe in polls
on 2013/7/9 19:28:17

Zimbabwean Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai's party has formed a coalition with two other opposition parties in a bid to bolster their chances to challenge President Robert Mugabe and his party in the upcoming general election, local media reported Monday.

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Zimbabwe : Regional leaders urge Zimbabwe to delay polls
on 2013/6/16 19:10:16

Southern African leaders on Saturday urged Zimbabwe to delay the holding of general elections on July 31 as set by its veteran leader Robert Mugabe, citing the need for more time to prepare the electoral process.

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Zimbabwe : Zimbabwe president sets election date for July 31
on 2013/6/15 20:08:50

Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe has announced plans for a nationwide presidential election at the end of July, despite objections from the prime minister.

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