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itle: Burkina Faso
Author(s): Aaron Lear
95 pages
Published: Chelsea House Publications
Publication date: May 1st 1986
ISBN13: 9781555461522

Book Description
Surveys the history, topography, people, and culture of Burkina Faso, with an emphasis on the current economy, industry, and place in the political world.



itle: Thomas Sankara Speaks: The Burkina Faso Revolution, 1983-87
Author(s): Thomas Sankara
144 pages
Published: Pathfinder Press (NY)
Publication date:  December 1st 1988
ISBN13: 9780873485265

Book Summary
The leader of the Burkina Faso revolution recounts how peasants and workers in this West African country began confronting hunger, illiteracy, and economic backwardness prior to the 1987 coup in which Sankara was murdered.


itle: Burkina Faso: The Bradt Travel Guide
Author(s): Katrina Manson, James Knight
312 pages
Published: Bradt Travel Guides
Publication date: August 1st 2006
ISBN13: 9781841621548

Book Description
The first English-language guide to Burkina Faso, the Bradt guide brings to life the many attractions of this stable country which offers a thriving culture, laid-back cities, and wildlife encounters. The authors help visitors discover dramatic mask festivals, Fulani horse-dancing, and both the pan-African film festival in Siao and the craft fair in Fespaco, two of the largest events of their kind on the continent. The romance of the Sahel desert can also be explored and information on desert markets, camel safaris, and secret dune encampments is covered for the intrepid traveler.


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A New Burkina Faso
Author(s): Obinwa Ben Nnaji
Paperback: 236 pages
Publisher: Spectrum Books
Publication date: 2006
Language: English
ISBN-13:  9780296697

Book Description
• Who are the Burkinabes?
• Why the revolution?
• Why does democracy thrive in Burkina Faso?
• What makes Burkina Faso a key player in international trade?
• What are the factors responsible for its significant strides in international diplomacy?
• Who is behind its astounding transformation?
A New Burkina Faso offers insights into the above issues in this honest account of the country’s milestones of development since the transition from military rule to democratic government under the visionary leadership of Blaise Compaore, current president of Burkina Faso and erstwhile chairman of the then Organisation of African Unity. The book chronicles leadership landmarks and legacies of this soldier-turned-politician. Government leaders, foreign diplomats, tourists, journalists, international bodies, consulate offices, NGOs and students of international relations will benefit amply from the rich information contained in this book.


5. Title: Provinces of Burkina Faso
Author(s): Jesse Russell (Editor), Ronald Cohn (Editor)
Paperback: 98 pages
Publisher: Book on Demand Ltd.
Publication date: March 5th 2012
Language: English
ISBN-10: 5511156868
ISBN-13: 9785511156866

Book Description
High Quality Content by WIKIPEDIA articles! The regions of Burkina Faso are divided into 45 administrative provinces.


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