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Obasanjo Asks Jonathan to Forget 2015

The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) Elders committee headed by former President Olusegun Obasanjo has told President Goodluck Jonathan to shelve his 2015 ambition as one of the conditions for resolving the crisis that has split the party into two.

The confusion in the PDP as a result of the formation of 'New PDP' on August 31, has lingered for two weeks now, with no solution in sight. Rather, President Jonathan last week sacked nine ministers, most of whom were nominees of governors and top politicians in the New PDP.

An insider in the elders committee told our reporter that the elders told President Jonathan the bitter truth, giving him two conditions for peace.

Sunday Trust source explained what happened thus: "The governors have resolved to let go of their grievances only if Bamanga is removed and Jonathan drops his 2015 ambition. The Obasanjo-led group of elders of the party presented this position to the president days before this meeting. However, we learnt the president rejected the idea."

Our correspondent learnt that it was as a result of this position taken by the elders that loyalists of the president began to call Obasanjo names. The former President supported Jonathan's 2011 election against all odds.

The former members of the PDP's National Working Committee (NWC) told our reporter that many members of the party from the North were disappointed in President Jonathan because before the last election he had vowed not to contest 2015 in the next election.

He said, "Particularly those of us from the North who had earlier backed him for the presidency in 2011 are not happy. We had an understanding with him over the 2015 election, but his refusal to honour it and insistence to contest the election at all cost is part of what we are experiencing now. I think he should be honourable enough to tell those calling on him to dump that agreement that it will not help the PDP and our democracy."


The 'New'Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has explained that the nine Ministers sacked by President Goodluck Jonathan last Wednesday were under security watch for weeks, describing them as victims of the ongoing war between the PDP and the New PDP.


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